Naughty Knitterz is a ”collaboration space” for fiber enthusiasts.  Writers share their expertise with knitting, crochet, yarns and other fiber crafts through articles they write or videos they make.

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This space is currently under construction! More bios coming soon! 

Linda Knowles

Linda, currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the mother to seven children with two still at home. The home is run by a cat named Bruno, but he shares the home with the humans, a sweet plot hound named Kloie and Lola the bunny, though she answers to bunny-bunny. Knitting is something that has taken place in her life for the last 20 years. Knitting socks is an all-time favorite, there is nothing like turning a heel or using the Kitchener stitch to close a toe to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Jackie Lakey

Jackie is a life-long resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. She is mother to a 5-going-on-30 year old and wife to a 30-going-on-5 year old husband. She is a Certified Medical Assistant and is currently exploring the path to adding Certified Massage Therapist to her resume. That’s right, a triple threat…CMA, CMT, and crochet-er extraordinaire!
Crochet began for Jackie as a hobby but quickly blossomed into a full on addiction. At first it was scarves and the like, just simple lines; double crochet X infinity, turn, repeat. Then she found out how to do shapes like circles and spirals and it was on like Donkey Kong! Three-dimensional patterns (like amigurumi) are still on the horizon, so keep an eye out for that!
When she’s not teaching her son the basic ins and outs of Super Mario Brothers and Guns-n-Roses, she’s working on making great pieces of hooked art to share with those she loves. In the words of Cecil B Demille, “Creativity is a drug [she] cannot live without.”


Aubrey Mayes

From Indianapolis, Indiana, Aubrey is a loving fiance and puppy/kitty mommy, Pure Romance Consultant, avid knitter and baker, lover of the arts, and spends much of her time creating things and admiring other people’s creations, whether it is in knitting, music, photography, film, fashion- any kind of creation. She also loves faeries, tattoos, and living in Technicolor. She believes that life is all about color and music, and in blending the lines of stable concepts- everything is livable- everything is changeable.

Aubrey excels in organization and color matching, and loves useless knowledge, Harry Potter, and combining any and all of the above. She loves creating her own projects, but also loves the step-by-step process of a pattern.  Email her at for any questions or just random conversation.


Jackie Mendham

Currently residing in Hampton, Virginia  born August 20, 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana was raised in a large family with two brothers, two sisters, and assorted dogs. She graduated high school in June of 1973 and joined the United States Air Force right after graduation. She has worked for the Federal Government for over 34 years, most of that time with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Jackie married while in the Air Force, and after leaving the Air Force had two children, Nat and Daniel. She divorced after 11 years of marriage, then after 13 years, met a wonderful British gentleman through friends on the internet. She and her current husband Michael have been married for 13 years.

She began crafting around 1977, learning to knit from her cousin Betty Smith, then learning to crochet a few years later. At the time she found knitting slow and difficult to learn, so she decided to stick with crochet. She has since developed loves for other crafts, from baking to photography, and has recently and finally found a love for knitting!

A member of Fox Hill Road Baptist Church since 2006, Jackie is currently the head of their Crafting Christians group. In this capacity, Jackie works with members to make hats for various needs throughout the community.

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