Find Your Knitting Mojo (by Whitnee Regan)

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We have all had those times where we want to knit or crochet, but we just don’t know which project to work on. So many lovely patterns out there but sometimes it is hard to find one to start working on. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down wanting to knit only to get frustrated because I just couldn’t find my knitting mojo.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It wasn’t because I didn’t have patterns or yarn. It was just because I couldn’t find the inspiration that I needed. Where can someone who has lost their mojo turn to? There are many different places and resources available.

The most readily available resources most of us have are knitting books and magazines. There are so many to choose from. Most libraries have at least a few knitting books. Sometimes beautiful patterns can be found in the most unlikely books or magazines. As far as magazines are concerned though, don’t just flip through looking at the pictures. There are so many wonderfully written articles about all different aspects of crafts that it can really get those creative juices flowing.

As for those of us that are a little more comfortable with the wealth of information that is available online, there are many resources there as well. There is everything from craft related blogs, to different types of online communities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the internet. If you have particular yarn you want to use, no doubt there is a website for that yarn that you could gain inspiration from. There are even podcasts to listen to.

You don’t have to have an iPod to listen, just download it to your computer! They are like little radio programs about all sorts of different topics. I put knit in the search bar and there were so many to choose from! I was hooked instantly. I now have more than I could possibly ever listen to in a normal amount of time, because I like to go back and listen to all of my favorite podcasters episodes.

Imagine, getting to listen to someone talk about their achievements, difficulties, and general yarn journeys!   Plus I can listen to them when I can’t have yarn in my hands.

Besides books, and the internet, the biggest thing that I do to keep track of my inspiration is to keep a journal.  I write down everything. I make lists and notes constantly.  I write down websites that I enjoy, blogs that I read, patterns that I love, and sometimes even notes on patterns that I am working on. It is meant to be something that I can look at to spark creativity when I am not feeling so creative. Having a knitting journal can also be really helpful in keeping my thoughts somewhat organized, even though there when there is no rhyme or reason to the order in the notebook itself.

And I can take it with me anywhere I go so if inspiration hits me when I am out, I can write it down and save it for later! Everyone has things that inspire them more than others and surrounding yourself with those things can really help find your knitting mojo.

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