Is it Knitting or Crochet? (by Debbie Stuckey)

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This form of crochet is called broomstick lace. Having been around for many years this technique was originally done using an actual broomstick handle and a crochet hook.  That’s obviously how it got the name.

By using the broomstick lace method of crochet a project can be completed in no time at all.  Today you have a much more practical option than using a broomstick- a large knitting needle is used.  I typically use a size 19 knitting needle.  I find it even better to use a lager size needle like a 35.

It helps to have some basic knowledge of crochet such as knowing the chain stitch and double crochet.

In most crochet projects you work a row, then turn your work and then go back down the other side.  With broomstick lace you work on the same side throughout the entire project. Using a large knitting needle you can make quite an eye catching item in little or no time at all.


A basic pattern for a small scarf (using the broomstick lace method) is as follows:


Chain = ch

Double Crochet = dbl


Size J crochet hook

Size 19 or 35 knitting needles (you only need 1)

Yarn of your choice.  The gauge of the yarn is not important for a broomstick lace project.


Chain 17 – Work a single crochet back across and you should have 16 single crochet. Do not turn your work.


1. Place your hook into the first single and pull up a stitch, place the stitch on to the knitting needle.  Do this across placing every stitch you pick up onto the knitting needle.  By the end of the row you should have 16 stitches on the knitting needle.

2. Slide 4 stitches off your knitting needle and place your crochet hook into these 4 stitches. Take and make a loop pulling yarn back through all 4 stitches and chain 4 (counts as your first dbl work).  3 more double crochet in the same stitch.

You should have 4 stitches worked.  Slip 4 more stitches off and work 4-dbl crochet into the loop.  Repeat this across and you will have 4 sets of 4 going across.

Do not turn your work.

3. Repeat row 1

Do not turn your work.

4. Repeat row 2

Do not turn your work.

Continue until you achieve the desired length for your project.  Finish it off as you would any crochet project by weaving in your ends.

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