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I absolutely love using color everywhere and every way that I can. One big thing that many people forget is that color can and does have purpose! Using a smart color choice can help add pizazz and personality to any yarn craft! There are SO many simple ways that color can add something new to an ordinary item. Hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, dishcloths, socks, sweaters, hand warmers- EVERYTHING! Every pattern can be suited for an infinite number of recipients just by switching colors!


Are you low on gifts for the holidays? Simple Garter Stitch hand warmers can be a great unisex gift for anyone- the comfort of gloves mixed with the ability to use a smart phone, swipe a bus pass or keep a grip on that latte would make lots of people happy! A simple coaster set used in a person’s or couple’s favorite colors are a wonderful housewarming gift! (You can add place-mats if you want to go all out!) The beauty of these gifts is that they are simple and easily personalized with the right color scheme. You can even make a stash-buster weekend out of it by knitting or crocheting up a whole bunch of these items for a stock-pile of ready-made gifts!

In an effort to help bring a bit more smart color to yarn crafts, I have compiled a list of color combinations based on anything from the color wheel to pop culture.


Basic Color Mates: (Based on the color wheel- these colors automatically compliment each other. These colors are found opposite of each other on the color wheel!)

Red and Green

Blue and Orange

Yellow and Purple


Harry Potter Houses:

Gryffindor: Red and Gold

Hufflepuff: Yellow and Black

Ravenclaw: Blue and Bronze

Slytherin: Green and Silver


Sports and Academics:

Indiana University: Cream and Crimson

Purdue University: Black and Gold

University of California: Blue and Gold

Columbia University: Blue and White

University of Texas: Orange and White

Indianapolis Colts: Blue and White

Chicago Cubs: White, Red and Blue

New York Jets: Green and White

Obviously, this list could go on forever. Be sure to utilize your favorite search engine to find whatever team or university colors you need!


Pop Culture and Other References:

Sure, everyone won’t get it. But YOU will. And that is what is important!

Blue and White are terrific snow references.

Red and Blue and Green and Blue are great for Mario and Luigi!

Don’t forget White and Green for Yoshi!

Black, White and Silver could be a KISS tribute!

Red, White and Blue could be a Who tribute!

Black, Red, and just a little White would make a FABULOUS Rocky Horror Picture Show reference! (Or even Sweeney Todd, if you did it right!)

Red and Yellow for Winnie the Pooh!

Blue, Magenta and White for Dance Dance Revolution fans!

Red and White for Coca Cola!

Black and Yellow for Batman!

Green and White for Green Lantern!

Brown and Yellow for Curious George!

Yellow and Black for PacMan!

Pink and Green in neon hues would make an awesome Fresh Prince of Bel Air reference!

Orange, Yellow and Brown for Resse’s!

Pink and Black for Pure Romance!

Red and Silver for Smirnoff!

Red, Blue, White with a little Yellow for Ernie! (You know? Burt’s buddy!)

Pink and White for Candy Land!

Blue and Yellow for the Human Rights Campaign!

Light Blue and Yellow for Gleeks!

Black, White, with a little Green for Beeltejuice!


As you can tell, the lists REALLY CAN go on forever! Add a little new life to your tried and true patterns using smart color choices!


Until next time, Knit Happy!!!

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