Spiral Slouchy Hippie Hat (By Jackie Lakey)

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This pattern was born on a rainy afternoon as I scoured the internet for a good “hippie hat.” I am a big fan of crochet, but cannot stand the search for readable patterns. I generally find them tedious and difficult to follow. So, in my eternal stubbornness, I decided to wing it. This lovely hat is what came out!

It’s built on a simple spiral, with a gradual increase. A little slouchy, a little hippie-y, and a lot of fun to wear, it’s become a staple to my wardrobe (especially now that the cold weather is here!) It’s perfect for bad hair days, too!

As far as materials go, this was a stash-buster for me, so any yarn you have around will do nicely. And switch up the colors to your heart’s content! I am currently working on a version with a different color in each round, so it’s very versatile.


Spiral Slouchy Hippie Hat


US G Crochet Hook

Color A: fingering weight acrylic lavender

Color B: fingering weight acrylic magenta

Color C: fingering weight acrylic violet

  1. Using Color A, Ch 4, Sl st to join.  


  1. Ch 2 (counts as first SC) 6 SC into ring (7 SC)

3. Ch 3 (counts as first DC), 1 DC in same stitch, Ch 1. *2DC in next stitch, Ch 1* Continue ** around. (14DC)

4. *2DC in next stitch,(around chain 3 from previous round) Ch 1, 2DC in next stitch (7 sets of 2DC with a chain separating each) Ch1, switch colors.

5. With B, Join color. Ch 1. *2DC (into space before the next set of DC), Ch1, 2DC (into space before the next set of DC)* Ch1, 2DC into same space, Ch1* Repeat to finish the round. Switch Color.

6. With C, Join Color. 2 DC in next space, Ch 1, repeat for 42 sets. This will make 2 rounds.

7. DC in next 2 sts for 2 rounds.

8. *Ch 1, 2 DC in next stitch, Ch 1 skipping next stitch, 2 DC in next stitch.** Repeat around.

9. *Ch 1, 2 DC into space, Ch 1, **repeat for 2 rounds.

10. 2 DC into next space, NO CHAIN, repeat for 2 rounds.

11. 1 DC into next space, NO CHAIN, repeat for 1 round.

12. With B, 1SC in each space around.

13. FO.

As this is my first written pattern, I welcome critiques! (As long as they’re nice…) 

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