The Needle Abyss

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My apartment is littered with knitting needles. I have a single DPN on the desk, a circular needle in the kitchen (not really sure why, though….) and many, many needles in the Clover case in the coffee table cubby. This is not including, however, needles in use, the needles in my yarn baskets, and the needles in my KIP bag. Something definitely needs to change.
I remember buying the Clover needle case. ( ) “Finally! I can keep my needles organized!” Haha- wow. If anything, this case has hindered my needle organization. It was great when I first got it- a full three months into my knitting career, when I had maybe five sets of needles. But now that I’ve squeezed as many of the smaller ones into the 2inches by one inch case, but I don’t think I could get another size 2 in if I tried- let alone all of my needles over a size 8. Now that my needles are scattered across my apartment, I think its time to get creative.
The ideas listed in this article are only those of my own- I would love to know what my readers are doing to tame their needles! Be sure to comment and share your tips!

• The quilter method:
o This idea is based on the pattern I found in the Stitch n Bitch Handbook. It is essentially fabric sewn with mini pockets in order of size. Pretty- but not the best if you are new to the sewing machine.
• The excuse-to-knit-something-easy method:
o This method can be quite fun if you’re in need of some method knitting. Cast on enough stitches to give you a knitted width of about 16 inches. Knit with a sturdy yarn in garter stitch until it’s as long as you need. Sew a button on the cast on end and make a loop on the bind off end to give you a way to close it securely. Then, just poke the tip of the needle in about one inch from the edge to where it is under about 3 stitches, then again at the other end to hold it together. Repeat as necessary, then roll up and secure with the button for easy storage. I got this idea from one of my paintbrush kits. This can work for straight needles and circular needles, but you might want to loop the cord of the circs so it doesn’t get caught on anything while rolling.
• The shoebox/memory box/photo box/you get the point method:
o This one is great for people who have lots of storage space and lots of needles especially in the same size. Now, when I say shoebox I’m not talking about the Shape-Ups box or an 8 inch stiletto box. (Though those would work fantastically for circs!) I mean more along the lines of those comfy, cute-flats-I wear-to-the-grocery-store boxes. You can get boxes that are already pretty in the scrapbooking sections of most stores, or you can decorate your own if you don’t like having a bunch of shoeboxes where people can see them (Just paint them with a water based paint or decoupage them!). Make one box for every 2 sizes or so. You can keep sets together with the tiny rubber bands you get for hair, chopstick holders, and attached point protectors for easier access.
• The what-most-of-us-will-probably-do method (also known as the buy it method):
o Just buy it! You can buy pre-decorated boxes, pre-sewn versions of the quilter method, or use an old scarf for the excuse-to-knit-something-easy method, assuming you have a scarf that is wide enough.

Remember- the knitter that organized knitter is the happy knitter. Knit happy!


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  1. If you look at the yarn label it will have a recommended needle size look for an icon of two crossed knitting needles with a number under it . Stay away from anything smaller than US size 8 needles 5mm if you dont want it to take you forever to knit.

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