Year of Stash Socks 2011 Challenge (by Deb Wunder)

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Since I knit (and crochet) in public a lot, I am often asked why I knit and crochet.  The short answer is usually that, “It’s cheaper than therapy and I have socks (or whatever I am working on) when I’m done.”

When asked about spinning (I will use a drop spindle in public), the answer is that, “It’s cheaper than therapy, and I have yarn when I’m done.”

In truth, though, I knit and crochet because it’s what I do.  It’s what I’ve done ever since my parents taught me when I was a kid.  And, yes, I said parents.  My mother taught me to knit, but Pop taught me to crochet. (Pop also taught me the joys of geometrical design, but that’s another column.)

Like many craftspeople, I have my strengths and weaknesses.  My strengths are my color sense, and my love of textural knitting.  My weakness is designing, although I can claim one of the first toe-up sock patterns on the Web (“Deb’s Almost-Easy Toe-Up Sock),”  at

Currently, my favorite things to knit are socks, shawls, and shawlettes.  My favorite designers are many:  Wendy Johnson, Cookie A, Vickie Howell, Ysolda, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Mary Ann Beattie, and many others.  I have at least five projects going most of the time, and I switch back and forth depending on mood, event I will be at, and whether I can do the pattern from memory, or need a printout or proximity to a computer.

My current main project is the Year of Stash Socks 2011 Challenge.  This challenge involves making at least one of the offered patterns each month, or a “plain vanilla sock” of one’s choice.

When I am not plying needles or hooks, I am either making beaded jewelry, writing (I’m a freelance writer by trade), reading, walking, or some combination of the above.  I live in Brooklyn, NY, with a roommate and two cats, and I love to show off my city, wander through parks and museums, and try most of the ethnic foods so readily available in New York (Indian and Hispanic are particular favorites).

I look forward to meeting many of you online, and possibly in person if you are ever in New York City.



2 Responses to “Year of Stash Socks 2011 Challenge (by Deb Wunder)”
  1. Hi Deb — This is my first look at Naughty Knitterz (in response to a tweet to join) and I love, love, love your site! So many things going on and to choose from. I feel like a kid in the corner candy store. Speaking of which…what part of Brooklyn are you in? I grew up in East Flatbush and am now in Knoxville, TN, a beautiful part of the country which has become home. But I still miss Brooklyn. Anyway, your article on why you knit was the first thing I read. Way to make a good first impression! LOL!! Am looking forward to finding more great stuff.


  2. Twisted Sisters Knitting The Twisted Sisters hand dye and hand paint luxury fibers for knitting and crochet, and design patterns to make these yarns look beautiful on you.

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